Next bits for upgrade

hi just wanting some advice for next part of upgrade

have a core i7 920, 2 seagate 7200rpm 1 tb hdds raided, antec 1200 case, coolermaster 1000 watt psu, creative xfi soundcard and asus pt6 mobo, 6 gig of 1600 ddr3 ram, currently put in a radeon hd 4650 for now, jw if its worth waitin till nvidia get their sli dx11 parts out or shud i go with another ati, oh and put another 6 gig of ram in it

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  1. Assuming that you're gaming, you don't really need another 6 GB of RAM.

    I would wait to see if the release of Fermi changes the prices of anything. At best, I would expect that all of the nVidia cards will shift a little down, and maybe some of the 57xx series ATI cards will move, I wouldn't expect to see any price changes on the 58xx and 5970 though.
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