Gigabyte 5870(Grey screen probability)

Recently discovered the issues that several 5870's have been having... My question is how common is this problem really? I was planning on doing a new x58 build using a Gigabyte 5870, but the grey screen problems are making me nervous. It's hard to tell how common this problem is, usually only those who have a problem are the ones talking about it. So, here is what I would like.... Anyone who can give a real world percentage of malfunctions. Or if you like sound off if your card is working with out any problems, or if it had problems how it was fixed.
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  1. probably 1/4 of all cards have that problem but it is has an easy fix and you can still RMA the card
  2. Knock on wood, These are my first ATI cards in many years, I purchased two Saphire 5870s and they are running flawlessly on
    a gigabyte x58 MB, Using 9.12 drivers. No grey screens or other oddities running win7 64. One thing that does cause a lock up is
    Everest 5.30.xxxx all versions when trying to look at second gpu, but i believe this is because Everest doesnt deal well with the sensors readings in a crossfire setup, as the issues are gone if go to a single card configuration with either card. Hopefully you will have as good luck as I did with a 5800 series. I would be very upset if I had purchased defective cards with the support ATI is offering, more or less a 1000 dollars of paperweights for some people atm.
  3. I personally have had a vew issues in the beginning. I have found that if I underclocked the memory by 50, I have never had an issue again. I can even OC the core which more than makes up for any lost performance, but for me, a slight underclock on the memory was needed to not have the vertical screen bug.
  4. I think 1/4 is to much. The first week of January ATI announced over 2 million DX11 GPU shipped, if it were 1/4 you would have over 500k people complaining over the internet and that is not how it is, i would say more like 1/20 or even less and even then on last Catalyst drivers release notes , on page 6 "Known Issues Under All Windows Operating Systems" the last issue on the list is "Intermittent grey screen or vertical line corruption may randomly appear on the screen". If it’s on the driver release notes it is probably software related and will be fixed shortly.
  5. ^ true so taht means around 1/16 of users so you should be fine
  6. Wow thanks so much guys for the quick replies, after further investigation I've decided to go for it and hope for the best. Most people it seems have been able to fix the error by underclocking in CCC. So which manufacturer should I get, Gigabyte Sapphire or XFX?
  7. They are pretty much the same, but xfx has the best warranty.
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    The probability is from some guesstimates:

    2 millions card sold by ATI(fact). Suppose there are no duplicates in the threads suggested by Tom's article and we talk about 100 customers with problems. Lets stretch that even more...1000 customers.

    So, 1000 in 2 million => 1/2000 => 0.05%. Lets stretch that incredibly more: 5% (100 times more). 1/20. Get my drift?

    Sapphire is good and so is XFX.
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