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What CPU cooler should i buy if i get an i5 3570k (not Overclocked)
-MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition Graphics Card with Triple Overvoltage and Enhanced PWM Design (N660TI PE 2GD5/OC)
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  1. If you are not overclocking, the stock cooler will work fine.

    If you decide to overclock, the Cooler Master hyper 212 evo is one of the best values on the market. (~$30)

    There are better cooling options but they get more and more expensive as the cooling ability goes up, and the 212 is good enough for most sane overclocks.
  2. if you're not overclocking, you shouldn't be buying the k processor. Save your money.

    The non-k i5s will allow you to get +4 to the multiplier. So really the k processor should be bought only by people who want MORE than +4 on the overclock.

    That being said 212evo is very popular and cost effective choice (best value).
  3. non-k with an ASRock mobo supporting non-k overclock, that way if you change your mind and decide you do want to overclock you can do it quite well. An example is ASRock Z77 Extreme3+ motherboard.

    Hyper 212 evo is the best fan under $50 if you want cooling below 50dbA...
    Altho if you are not going to overclock and just want to minimize nose buy a 30dbA cooler, just make sure it will fit in your case. 212 evo is 160mm.

    This might be something you are looking for. Support for 2011 socket, means it can cool Ivy Bridge. It only runs around 30dbA below $35, be aware of the 160mm hight.

    Note, comments are saying that it can even cool a 4Ghz+ overclock, since you don't plan to OC that should be more then enough cooling for your CPU.

    Edit: If you don't care about noise levels the stock cooler is good enough.

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