Cant install ccc 10.1

I've downloaded 10.1 and completely uninstalled the previous version and restarted. I installed 10.1 but when i open up the info center it says catalyst version 09.7

I'm running win 7 64 bit, amd x2 4200, 3gb ram, hd4850 512mb
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  1. i deleted all the old ati folders after i uninstalled and restarted. another problem is now when i play mass effect 2 the there is a weird border around my screen and when i fire a machine pistol the the whole screen recoils which it wasnt doing before. it makes it almost impossible to aim
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    I think the best thing is to roll back to 9.12 drivers. If not there is a hotfix somewhere on the ati site that fixes the mass effect 2 issue.
  3. yea i just did and its workin great thx
  4. Yea I second the issue I am unable to use Catalyst 10.1 it says wrong driver even if I have downloaded the right driver also, funny part is even I am using the 4850 DDR5 variant..
  5. I am using win 7
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