Router/Interet Disconnects Frequently

Hey guys, hoping you can be of some assistance...

In my house, we have our network set up as such...

ISP: Aserty (running over Bell Canada's lines)
Modem: TP-LINK TD8810, which we've been told is a modem-to-router modem...)
Router: used to Belkin Wireless G Router, but we've changed to a LinkSys WRT160N

The problem is that the internet somewhere along the line is getting disconnected very frequently (sometimes multiple times in an hour, other times it will be good for several hours before disconnecting). My dad thought it was the router, so he bought the LinkSys router but we're starting to have the same problems.

Our ISP has told us that we have been having a lot of 'no carrier' issues that he can see but offered no solutions until we have a properly functioning router.

Also, Bell has told us that our phone line is not in the best condition tried to fix the issues and told us to contact them again if problems continue...

Do you guys have any idea where the problem may lie?
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  1. If you haven't already it may be worth investing in an ADSL-ready master socket which isolates itself from any extensions, reducing noise.

    I cant think of any brands that might be available in Canada but this might give you the idea:
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