New Build Stalls/Freezes - help REALLY appreciated.

Hey all,

Last weekend I put together my new i7-920 build (ASUS P6X58D, 6GB G.Skill DDR3 1600, 1TB Spinpoint F3, Radeon 4670, 750W PSU, Hyper 212+). I took my time with the build, it booted fine, installed Windows 7, updated all my drivers, manually set my memory to its rated timings, ran Prime95 for 8 hours to check my temps, ran memtest overnight (12 passes, no errors), and everything seems perfectly fine.

The problem is that the computer "stalls," for lack of a better word, and quite frequently. By this I mean that when doing simple things - moving from one window to another, mousing over the taskbar so that it hides/shows, etc. - it just locks up, usually for a split second, just long enough to notice that it's happening, but sometimes it'll lag for several seconds or longer. A couple of times it has completely locked up, and I've had to reboot (note: this has only happened after waking up from long hibernation periods). I've probably used the machine at this point for less than four hours, excluding time for installations/stress testing. Everything else is running perfectly - but this constant stalling is making me crazy.

It has been a long time since I've used a windows machine, but given the power of this system, and the fact that it is a nearly clean install of Windows, it seems really unusual that it would be stuttering like this. The hardware all checks out, it's running at low temps... I don't get it.

Does anyone know what could potentially be causing this, and how I can fix it? It's really frustrating that such a new build is feeling like an old computer.


E: I do use a Logitech MX Revolution wireless laser mouse that's a few years old. I can't imagine it would be causing such weird issues with the computer's performance generally, though...

E2: I've found a few complaints about the default power saver settings in Windows 7 (specifically, the monitor auto-off function) causing problems with extended hibernation - i.e., that after 2+ hours of hibernation, it can freeze when it wakes up. May try disabling a few things and see if that helps the actual freeze issues. It likely wouldn't impact the frequent stalling that I'm experiencing, though.

Someone mentioned that USB devices can make Windows 7 a little shaky. I'm currently using the MX Revolution, my keyboard, and a D-Link DWA-130 IEEE 802.11g, IEEE802.11n Draft 2.0 USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter USB wi-fi adapter (despite its awful reviews, it has worked perfectly out of the box for me). I'm hoping to set up a wired connection, so if it's a USB issue, that may fix it - though I have a hard time believing that a USB dongle is causing a system like this such trouble.
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  1. Checking the event viewer at the timestamps when this is occuring may help you narrow it down a bit - also with windows 7 theres a tool tied into the event monitor called the performance and reliability monitor which may make it easier to locate the problematic element
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