MSi platnium ? x58 or x58 sli

How can i tell a msi mother board the
Platinum x58 vs platinum x58 sli

the board is stamped

ver 1.0

x58 platinum

as far as i can tell both boards are stamped the same

think i need to flash the bios before adding memory

need to figure out which board first
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    Do you have the box? Just to the left of the DDR there should be a white label - what does it say?

    However, the BIOS on both MOBOs are exactly the SAME {} = X58 Platinum SLI = X58 Platinum

    X58 Platinum SLI -
    X58 Platinum -
  2. Compare them and there is no difference;1696 Probably only in the name on the box!
  3. ^ Weirder yet, the closeup images are EXACTLY the same.
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  5. Thanks for your help
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