Performance increase between 8800gs and a vapor-x 5770??

I'm thinking about upgrading my pc from a 8800gs to 5770. What would be the fps increase and would it be worth the upgrade. I also only have a $180 to spend. I have not seen any comparison's or benchmarks on these two cards. Any info would be helpful.
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  1. What is your screen resolution, and what are you playing? It should be a pretty significant upgrade.

    Edit: Newegg has some open-box 4890s for like $150ish. They would be more powerful than the 5770 if you are looking for it.
  2. I've got a 23" 1080p monitor. I'm playing(or will play) napoleon total war, far cry 2, battlefield bad company 2, red faction guerrilla, and assassins creed 2. And I am looking for dx11 cards so that kind of takes out the 4890. Mainly I would like to know if the 5770 is like double perf. or 50% or whatever. I was thinking about getting the 5830 but I don't feel like waiting to get some money(i'm only 14 and its not summer so i can't get enough money)
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    It would probably be around twice the performance, however I don't know of any tests to back up that claim.
  4. I think the 5770 is a good choice for you.

    On a big monitor like yours you might be able to tell the difference between it and a more muscular card when running crysis at full resolution, but I dont think its enough for it to be worth you exceeding your budget. The 5830 is going to launch above $200, so probably isnt worth waiting for.
  5. Best deal I've seen:

    HIS-- $162 Free Shipping

    Sapphire-- $164 Free shipping

    There is a cheaper 512mb powercolor one, but I think you would be happier with more ram for your 23" monitor.
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