Finished My Build (56k warning)

I want to thank everyone here for their assistance in my latest foray. It was a smooth process, the only hangup was my HSF fan shipped DOA. I'm currently using the cases exaust fan while Newegg handles my RMA. Recap of system then a few benches and a single grainy pic of my monitors. I'll follow up with a few pics of the case/components once I get the new fan and can finish sleeving.

Asus Sabertooth
Corsair XMS 4x2gb 9-9-9-24 1333
MSI ATI Radeon 5870
OCZ Solid Series 2 60gb x 2 RAID0
Seagate 7200.12 500gb x 2 RAID0
Lancool K-62
ABS 850w 80+ Silver Modular
Prolimatech Megahalems /w Panaflo 120x38
Scythe Fan Controller
Sony Optiarc DVDR/W
Dell 2209wa x 3 3150 x 1680 Eyefinity Portrait
Steelseries Merc
Microsoft Sidewinder
Sony DAV-HDX576WF 5.1 Surround

860 is at 3.6 which I feel is a great spot for these Quads with HT. I had it at 4.2~ for a few minutes, everything loaded but I did not prime95 that speed. At the end of the day 3.6 with turbo and HT is a good spot for me. Overnight prime95 was still running the next morning. Blck 200, multiplier 18, stock volts.

The RAM is oc'd to 2000 @ 8-8-8-22 memtested through 8 passes. I was exceptionally suprised with this. First it's 2 separate kits of 4gb, second it was only rated for 1333. Not a single voltage increase, motherboard set it at these speeds after I set blck to 200. Multiplier of 10.

cpu-z, superpi 1.5 1m, windows experience (7.9 is max score possible)

2x 500gb Seagate 7200.12 in RAID0

2x 60gb OCZ Solid Series 2 in RAID0

3x Dell 2209wa in Eyefinity @ 3150x1680
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  1. Looks like a very solid build!!

    I love the three monitor layout on your desk.... makes me want to look at a mutiple monitor setup but that means a new desk and wife won't go for that... Now, you need to take some pics of your PC case for all to see what the insides look like!!
  2. Freakin awsum build dude
  3. All I can say is...H^&%s Yeah!!!
  4. Here's the pc itself. Not quite finished, and you can see the exhaust fan sitting on my megahalems. Still waiting on newegg...

    30 second fraps clip of Mass Effect 2:

    Sorry for the quality, not exactly a video converting/youtube pro.
  5. Nice...
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