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    The new 520 uses a SandForce SF-2281VB1-SDC controller.

    A total of 18 reviews were published within one hour after the Intel 520 release. If past history is any indicator, readers may expect between 20 and 30 reviews within in thext 48 hours.

    I have already posted links to all 18 reviews to the ssd database:

    Just scroll down to the Intel section and follow the links to the reviews. I'll add additional reviews as they are published.
  2. ^ thanks Johnny.
    I'd scan the one posed at CDRInfo and anands. But did not have time to elaborate - Had to be in the cleanroom. Some How don't think them High paid nasa people would enjoy waiting on me - LOL.
  3. Man some nice reviews there. Thanks for the effort to put together the list Johnny.

    Christian Wood
    Intel® Enthusiast Team
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    Slurping down my first cup of coffee this morning in beautiful sunny southern Arizona where the sun shines 350 days a year and people do not shovel snow. :)

    More Intel 520 reviews were added to the ssd database.

    Here's a link to something hardcore gamers and enthusiasts might like - an Intel 520 SSD RAID review:
  5. This drive has some serious issues this was my post in Intel Support Community:

    Last Thursday I received my brand new Dell Precision M6600. Before I started to use the system I upgraded the hard drive to an Intel 520 Series..

    After dropping in the SSD, I was ready to install Windows 7 Pro. I first went into the BIOS and left the setting on RAID. After reading tons of forums, this seemed like the right way on installing the hard drive. Once complete I installed all the necessary drivers (which is a story in its self!). After, I went on the Intel website and ran the driver utility make sure everything is up-to-date. I also installed the SSD toolbox to optimize the drive.

    After dealing with the BIOS not always detecting the SSD and the occasional OS freeze, I made my way into the Intel control panel. I noticed the hard drive was only running at 3GB/s, I thought that was kind of odd since the computer is capable of running 6GB/s. I decided to change the BIOS to AHCI and reinstall 7..

    Once complete, I still had to deal with the BIOS not detecting the SSD and 7 freezing up, every so often. Anywho, once I re-installed all drivers and utilities. I now see the hard drive running at 6GB/s. I was a happy camper until I started to use the computer. I noticed it freezed up the more I use it.

    Intel (typing this while simultaneously shaking my pointer finger) you have a serious issue with your SSD. You need to post a firmware update. Not only to fix the issue with 7 but, also for folks who have M6600 and other affected laptop/desktops; who decide to buy your SSD.
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