Extremely Wierd No Sound Issue

Hello, I have an issue. Thank you in advance to anyone who actually provides feedback.
Here it is: I HAVE NO SOUND
heres the wierd part, after hooking up a ghetto sound system I got a day ago, i hooked it up to my pc and there was no trouble. Audio cable from from Sigma Tel card (Dell Dimension 5150, I know what was i thinking) into the reviever with a left/right cable at the other end, and it worked! yay. But being fussy about things i had to pick the reciever up and move some cables slightly to tidy them up and i hear a screetching sound so i put it down and shut it off. after a minute all is well, its working with my tv like before, but not my PC, in fact, i get the "no audio device is installed" or whatever error with the red x on my computer and my audio file is no longer playing. now both my ati card and onboard sound are screwed and says they arent plugged in. I dont use the ati sound fyi because idont have an hdmi cable yet. ok anyways, so i reinstalled the drivers, no change. I then downloaded the only driver avialable via Dell for my specific pc vista 32bit and installed it. it installed fine and now my pc does not detect any issues. but i do. there is no longer a red x, it has been replaced by the green checkmark. it is my default device. when i play an audio file, the green bar fluxuates as if sound levels were moving. Windows Audio is automatic ect. BIOS is set to onboard devices, onboard sound on. drivers are up to date. the cables are all working and ive tried multiple speakers with the computer. Also, ive tried all the configurations(stereo, quad, 5.1,7.1) the card is only a 5.1, but i put it in the green channel and i know that pink is side, yellow subwoofer ect, none of those are "working" either. It seems like everything is perfectly fine, or was and then a freak accident changed something, something i have never encountered. or mabye i have i just cant think of it. Ive also updated the chipset.
I am stumped and would very much appreciate someone with an idea that does not involve me buy new stuff, or formatting my computer.
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  1. Well, if I had to make a judgment call, I would say the problem is physical because what you were doing before hand. Is the audio integrated? If so you might just want to pick up a new one, they run cheap. And if its PCI or PCIe, try puling it out and reseating it. But it sounds to me that it might be a dead sound card.

    Btw, again, if it is integrated, you might want to also take a good look at your motherboard. More specifically, the capacitors. If you see any bulged caps on the capacitors, it means there what a power fault of some sort and your motherboard may eventually need to be replaced.
  2. Ya it is integrated audio. My one and only pcie slot is filled by an ati-4850 with hdmi support, so thats something to fall back on if the integrated sound is in fact toast. I checked the capacitors, there all in perfect condition. Good ideas though! Im still working on it, at least until i get myself an hdmi cable. however it would be nice to have use of my 5.1 audio from the pc.
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