DVD drive no longer listed in BIOS setup

I recently replaced my IDE DVD drive as it was making so much noise with another drive although this was a SATA.
Everything is now working fine - it works fine and the drive is listed as E: under 'My computer' and other menus on my PC (I am running XP) along with the floppy drive (A:), hard drive (C:), CD drive (D:)
However, when I went to run a DVD from it as a boot up disc, I realised something was wrong and on going to the BIOS set up. I was surprised to find it was no longer listed in the adavnced set up. - all the other drives are listed as drives available to boot from (as first, second, third choice), but the DVD drive is completely missing.
I've not had this trouble before and obviously its a nuisance as I can no longer boot up from any DVD discs.
Can anyone help please (I have tested the DVD in another PC and it is fine).

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  1. Power-on the system, open BIOS, reset the settings to "default" or "fail safe," save and exit. Upon restart, open the BIOS and re-enter any custom settings you had before and check the boot device options. You should find your SATA ODD listed.
  2. Many thanks for the suggestion above.
    I clicked on 'Optimized Default Settings' within BIOS and on booting up again, while the drive boot-up settings had changed, i.e, back to the original settings where the floppy is the 1st drive,, there was still no entry or mention whatsoever of the DVD drive. I just cannot understand it.
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