I am not asking this because I have a 20 yr old computer that only supports vga output..

But I am asking if there is anyway to go from a vga output on a laptop to an hdmi input for a tv. For one thing I could only find the converter boxes that are huge or cables that do not support laptop output(that was on The reason being simply that I would like to put the laptop display on my tv... And yes I know that vga does not support sound, but best buy has a Y audio cable that will do that for me..

So if anybody knows if they do make somehting like this somewhere I can't find, or wheter or not I can take an hdmi cable, cut it in the middle, then take a vga cable and cut it in the middle, put the two together and tada it will work.

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    it won't work because VGA is compressed while HDMI is uncompressed so you will need a tool to uncompress the data in the cable

    in other words, you won't find it cuz it takes a lot more power and space to uncompress the data than what you can fit in a cable

    which is why you will need a converter box
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  3. Ahhh I see well that sux... thanks man!
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