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Hello, I was wondering if there's any program that can adjust your fans automatically to keep your gpu cool. Say you're just browsing and your gpu isn't doing very much so your fans can go slower, then you boot up battlefield 3 and your gpu heats up so the program adjusts fans to keep the gpu at a certain temperature. Are there any out there?
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  1. mine does this already.

    It depends on your particular GPU and the software available for it.

    for my asus 7770 with amd catalyst control center, by default it's running at 10% fan speed when "idle".
  2. The GPU fan is supposed to kick in at high rpms if the heat thrown out by GPU is too much to handle. If your experiencing high temps - the issue will likely be you case.

    Some mobo's do this profiling of fans in the bios/in windows via a GUI. Asus have them.

    Fan controllers will be your friend at this point of time. Bitfenix Recon apparently are a good brand.
  3. Nothing I know of can control the case fans based on PU temperature, only the GPU fan.

    MSI afterburner works for a lot of cards and has a custom fan curve adjustment for setting a profile for your GPU fan.
  4. Yeah in terms of programs I don't know any that can control the fan speed of case fans. There are some Fan controllers(hardware) that you can set a profile for so you can basically set a fan speed % based on the temperature. It comes with the sensors for temperature monitoring.
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