Mega Internet Slow Down! Help Please!


So I just built my new computer and it is running great. Games are smooth, and movies looks wonderful. Regular programs work without a flinch, but then there is my internet. It is running painfully slow. When I first built it, it was very quick. Now, I do not know what happened.

My connections is quite fast as well, which is why I am confused. Verizon FiOS 20Mb/s Down and 5Mb/s Up.

I heard someone say something about DNS Servers, IPs and things like that. Does anyone have any solutions. I use Firefox. I tried Chrome for the heck of it, and still nothing.

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  1. What are your results from

    in the command prompt trying running
    ping -n 25

    What are your statistics?

    If your still able to get to websites and its just slow i dont think that would be your dns servers. Mainly because its still resolving the address into a domain name for you.
  2. Try using a registry cleaner, I used Registry Fix, incredible the difference it made. Also I use Google chrome as I find even Firefox incredibly slow
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