Memory compatibility with Rampage III Extreme

Hi everyone.

I'm new here, but I've already read the rules and I know that if I want to know about compatibility between memory and motherboard I must "Check with the motherboard manual."

But that's not the point.

On my last built I've checked all the compatibility stuff and I got stucked in a error like this anyway, so I want to be a little more careful before buying 12gb of RAM and then having to sell it.

What I'm intending to buy now is an Asus Rampage III Extreme and 2 sets of Kingston KHX1600C9D3K3/6GX(XMP), for a total of 12GB. The question is: Can I have 2 sets like these in Triple Channel 1600 mhz on that mobo? If you just check the manual it'll say that it's compatible. But my problem on the last built was exactly between an Asus board and a Kingston memory that were supposed to be perfectly compatible when occupied all the slots. So I'm looking for someone who really has this config and runs great with no problem. Somebody?

Well, I'm not very excited in putting kingston memory in a high end built, but I don't have many choices here in Brazil without importing. But if you think I MUST change my mind and choose another brand even if I have to import it (and wait almost a month to get it), ok, just say it and I will consider it :D

Any other suggestions on which memory I should put on it?

Thanks a lot! And sorry for possible errors in my poor english :)
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  1. Hi dimurinho and welcome to THG.

    As far I know Brazil has some very good computer stores. Now regarding ur question u need know something 1st.

    Some of the RAM kits in the QVL don't run at the manufacturer specs times even if they are in that list, so u can go with any RAM 6GB kit even if that kit isn't in the QVL since that list is only for reference but doesn't mean that only the RAM in that list works with the mobo.

    If u can find in Brazil this G.Skill PI 1600 are much better for only $9 more.

    And ur English seems fine for me ( :lol: cheers from Colombia :lol:)
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