New PC Mega-Fail!

I desperately need help. After going to microcenter and getting all my parts for a basic home system, I have experienced some difficulties.
Celeron Dual Core E3200
2 GB Corsair XMS2 800 MHz DDR2 RAM
MSI G31M3 mATX Mobo
Sony Burner
350 Watt PSU

OK, so first boot up went alright until it froze at the screen where I choose to install or repair windows (XP). I rebooted, MSI Mobo screen comes up, then after 1-2 seconds a single short beep occurs and the monitor is sent to a blank black screen with a blinking white underscore in the top left corner. Keyboard has no control. To get out of this I have to reboot, only for the same thing to repeat itself continuosly. I looked up what one beep means, DRAM failure. However, I know this is good ram and I tested it on my other machine with Memtest.

Any ideas?
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  1. 1) Reset the BIOS

    2) Manually set the timings and voltage for your RAM.

    3) Try again.
  2. I manually reset the cmos already, but to no avail.

    I can't get into the bios, and my RAM is at standard voltages/timings as far as I know.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Any others?
  3. bump...
  4. You should still be able to get to the BIOS if you see the MSI boot screen. You just press 'Del' or whatever button your owners manual says to enter the BIOS. You should then be able to manually set the RAM values like megamanx00 suggested. Your RAM will have a sticker on it that lists the rated timings and voltage. Those are the values you should set in the BIOS.
  5. Here's the list of memory modules tested for your mobo. Is the RAM you bought compatible?
  6. Should be compatible according to
  7. I'm telling you, I have tried to get to the BIOS, it will not allow me to. No matter how soon I start button-smashing DEL or F8, it will automatically go to that blank screen. I know the RAM is compatible because I used to have the same setup on my current PC. I'll just try taking everything apart I guess.

  8. Figured it out. Dead HDD. I was in denial because I have never had ANY problems with WD HDD's. There's a first for everything, I guess.

    Thanks for all of your help!
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