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Hello, I was wondering if there is a really good case for building a gaming computer in. I've been looking at the Antec 1200 and I was wondering if that would be a good one to go with. Another question I have is what would be a good video card to go with. This is the first computer I am attempting to build with the help of a close friend and any tips / advice would be great.

EDIT: I was also looking at the HAF 932 but I am unsure if I am going to need all the space as I am under a $850 budget
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    Either the Antec 1200 or HAF 932 are good cases. That said, I wouldn't buy either if you have an $800 budget. You case is important as far as cooling is concerned but the guts are more important from a gaming performance standpoint. I would recommend checking out tecmo34 Builds by Usage. He has more or less done the leg work for you and all the parts he selects for the builds are quality parts.

    Regarding the video cards, ATI makes a nice card. I personally use a 5870 , but that will blow 1/2 your budget. A 5850 will run you about $300. If you have a particular game you want to play, I suggest googling "<game name> benchmark" and you will likely see how different cards run the game(s).
  2. i would go mid tower like a Coolermaster CM690

    or the newer one CM690 II

    it's longer, taller, has a hdd dock on the top and i think it supports more fans on the case
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