Second harddrive not showing up in bios

Hey, bios showing my master 0 harddrive as a sata harddrive but beside the slave drive all it says is press enter and when i do so it gives me options to check AUTO MANUAL AND ANOTHER O what do i do i just connected the sata cable into my new hard drive and it appeared when i booted up the pc in device manager
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  1. If this is a new drive with nothing on it yet, you need to go into disk management and initialize the drive. Right-click "my computer" and select manage. You will see disk management in the left pane. Select it.
  2. All i can see there is the original harddrive 250gb and system reserved 100mb but under the scroll bar i see disk 1 and disk 0 i c format or turn it into a basic disk gdp
  3. You don't want to format or turn to basic. I think that's your OS disk. A new blank drive should show unpartitioned and unallocated - these need initialized.

    Strange that your bios just says hit ENTER. Auto, manual, and other are normally what you see for IDE drives. Is this drive a sata drive also? Have you tried AUTO?
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