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I want to increase the base clock of my satellite u300 laptop. I cant seem to find it in my bios. Any one knows what to do?
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  1. no overclock for laptop
  2. there has to be some way?
  3. Not sure how you do it if the proc is locked and the bios doesn't even give you an option to adjust the FSB, which is where you start an OC.
  4. thats true but i am quite certain about the fact that there is an application that will allow me to do so....
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    Even if you could find a program to overclock it, it would be very unwise! Laptops cannot dissipate the heat generated by overclocking! Trust me they can hardly handle the heat at stock settings.

    When henydiah said "no overclock for laptop", it's because they simply cannot handle it.

    Oh yeah and software overclocking is never recommended.
  6. You can try SetFSB.

    You'll do it at your own risk, and it won't really get you very far, even if it does work (and it very well may not), but it's basically the only way.

    As has already been said, it's not a good idea to overclock with a laptop anyway. If it were me, I just wouldn't try it unless you just don't care about the laptop anymore.
  7. i understand, my laptop usually gets overheated because it's fan failed. ever since then i keep my laptop on my floor standing air conditioner and speedfan shows that both cores are at 6-9 degrees celcius at 20% usage. So therefore i was willing to OC my laptop just a little bit.
  8. Holy Sheet the Fan Failed and you are using an A/C unit as a primary cooler all while shooting for an OC on a laptop? I hope you are aware that condensation will take place on some parts of the MOBO while using an A/C unit and will eventually completely short out the system and your wallet in the winter...Why not replace the cooling fan on the laptop? I will buy that paper weight from you for $10 and use it for spare parts after you are done frying it...I thought I was ate up with it ...geesh
  9. i have fixed my fan, replaced it's wire.
  10. I just wanted my laptop to be as fast as it was. I installed older versions of my antivirus and other softwares and now i have what i wanted.
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