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Connecting PCIe through fan molex to PSU

I've ran into a problem while building my new box. The PSU says it's Crossfire ready. It's the OCZ ModXstream 600w. My case has 3 fans that all have molex connectors, but the PSU only has 4 molex connectors which after hooking all 4 to the HD5870, that leaves none left for the fans.

My question is this; can I connect the molex connectors on the video card to the female ends of the fans?


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    Huh? That PSU ought to have two 6-pin cables, and that's what you should be plugging straight into the video card. Don't use the molex connections for that. You only use molex-to-6-pin adapters for when you don't have enough direct 6-pin cables.

    I'm guessing that's what happened -- you saw the adapters included with the card and figured you were supposed to use them. But do it the way I said and use the now-free molex connectors for the fans.

    Unless you are talking about something completely different, in which case, it would help to know more. I don't think it's possible to crossfire 5870s on a 600W power supply, which is why I ignored that option.
  2. You were right. There were 2 six pin connectors, but one of them had an extra 2 pins that could be seperated. When I first looked at it, I thought it was an 8 pin connector. I used that and it works fine.

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