How to clean my epson 340 printer

i have a epson 340 printer i believe that it needs a head clean because the colors are coming up very of no red and stuff i am trying to do it manually but do not know how and what products around the house to use can someone help me
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  1. "coming up very of no red and stuff" ??? I used to have an R340 and I have absolutely no idea what you're asking.

    Have you checked the print heads by running a test from the printer? Use the buttons and LCD on the front to print one. Didn't come out perfectly? Run a cleaning from the same place.

    The only time you should need to "hard clean" your R340 is if you keep getting errors when turning it on that say you need to send it to Epson for service. There's overflow tubes and a large sponge in the back to hold waste ink from cleaning and whatnot. When it gets full, they want you to have it serviced.

    Some people advocate for disassembling to the point where you're able to remove the sponge and clean it. I instead removed the small door on the back once per year (I printed a lot back then) and used paper towels to soak it all up.

    Hope it helps.
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