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im looking at ddr3 memory and the board i have supports 2100 oc. my question is what are the mem speeds at without oc on mem sticks
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  1. 2100 (OC) it mean need OC manualy . no OC .. ram will ran default less 2000 / 1866 according your mobo
    Kingston HyperX Genesis 2,133MHZ or corsair or good other ram according your budget .. not too much effect ran at 2100/2000/1866
  2. originally i had planned on getting 2100 and under driving it to default speed. however, after reading some other posts on performance over speed would it be better to just pay the extra 20 bucks and get more 1600?
  3. that was nice too, but keep in mind the latency and timming .. eg 1600 with CL 7 will be faster than the 1866 CL 9 / CL 10
  4. having trouble with some sites on the cl#. some list it as cl and others have the four digit number. is the first number the cl rating or is the higher the number ratings better on those?
  5. first is CL ( latency )
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231547&name=Desktop-Memory

    dont really see anything under cl 9 on any ddr3, well at least not in the price range im willing to look at. anyway that set there doesnt look to bad.

    it will be installed in


    with an older iceq radeon 5670 hd 1gig ddr5 vid card.

    any other thoughts or input are very welcome as i havent been up to date on hard core building since just after k6 cpu range
  7. many thanks to all those that helped with the system build... its up and running and seems to be stable with 16 gigs of 1600 ddr3 extream team from new egg (hope otheres were able to take advangage of the deal), msi 970a-g46, and amd 6100 6-core cpu

    bios are taking a little getting used to since they changed the format. still need to drop the cpu down to 3.3 on it but its not giving me any trouble at the 3.7 its at.

    windows perfomance numbers look good with vid at 7 cpu at 7.4 mem at 7.8 and hd bottle necking at 5.6

    ive been busy and havent had a chance to run any massive programs through it yet. it does seem to take a little extra time starting up some programs but once its loaded runs fine (prob a bios fine tuning issue)

    total cost for chip board and mem was around 270$

    all in all im fairly happy with it since ive been wanting to upgrade for a couple years now. and another thanks to all those that helped with info :)
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