I3 compatibility with Win 7 and Vista (64 bit)


I have recently put a system together:

intel dh55hc mobo
core i3 530
OCZ PC3-10666 Platinum RAM - 4GB, 2x2GB, 1333MHz, DDR3
EVGA GeForce 9500 GT Video Card
Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply

the system runs okay on XP 32 bit but I've tried installing Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit and they both crash.
Windows 7 crashes before even system start up and constantly restarts the computer at start up even when i select the safe mode.
Vista crashes every 15 minutes after start up or when running applications simultaneously.
I don't have access to XP 64 bit so I am not sure if that will run.

Could you help me and let me know if it's the 64 bit that has these problems or not?

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  1. What do you mean by "crash"? Does the system lock up, do you get a BSOD, does it simply restart?

    Have you manually set the RAM speed to 1333MHz, the timings to 7-7-7-20, and the voltage to 1.65v in the BIOS as indicated by the RAM specs? Have you run Memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors? What do your CPU temps show as in the BIOS?
  2. with Windows 7 it wouldn't even startup it would show the windows startup page and shutdown and restart and then right into the safe mode option screen, it constantly does that almost as if it's in a loop.

    With Vista i kept getting the BSOD with different error codes everytime.

    I haven't changed the RAM speed..it's still at 1066 mhz and whatever the voltage was detected by the mobo...i didn't touch this mainly because the system was stable on XP 32 bit...

    I haven't run a Memtest yet...the temperature are fine with CPU @ 36C...

    if it's any consolation my BIOS version is TCIBX10H.86A.0027.2009.1119.1517

    Not sure what the problem could be...if it's the RAM then how come it's stable on XP 32...i'm lost
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