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Good with hardware, new to liquid cooling. (Pump help)

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October 20, 2012 2:57:38 PM


I'm building an aquarium PC with mineral oil, so far so good (it's a school project, plus I've been wanting to do this anyways). I have my aquarium, radiator, and pump. All I need to do is go and grab this used i7 based PC with a GTX 560 Ti in it for $450, and then buy more mineral oil. I have my pump now, and I'm seeing on Youtube that it is critical for a pump to be only circulating a liquid, which means no air. No wonder it says on the pump "Do not run dry".

Question 1: Will anyone give me some tips as to how I should avoid making air and the pump come in contact?

Question 2: How do I properly hook up the two power connectors of the pump? (4-pin Molex, 3-pin fan connector)... Do I only need to hook up one of them? Or both of them? Does it make a difference? :??: 

My thoughts: I have an aquarium, with a tube sucking out of it. The tube leads to the inlet of the Koolance PMP-450S pump. Next, the tubing is on the other side of the pump (outlet) carrying the oil to the inlet of the radiator. On the outlet of the radiator is another tube, throwing cold oil back into the aquarium. I was thinking of disconnecting the tubing from the inlet side of the radiator, and slightly pouring oil into the tube that leads back down to the outlet side of the pump. Therefore, the pump will have oil in it already. Not only that, but I want the oil to pass through the pump and also start coming out of the inlet side of the pump and back down to the aquarium that is filled with oil. The reason for this is because if the pump wants to suck up oil, there will be no air interference right?

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October 20, 2012 10:57:58 PM

Anyone know how to at least properly hook up the pump? I have a 4-pin molex connector and a 3-pin fan connector. Do I need both or just one? Does is it matter if I use one or the other or both?