Possible hard drive issue, really not sure what's going on.

Hey everyone, first off sorry if this is the wrong forum, it's just my best estimate as to what would be the most relevant forum to post in.

In about mid September I built my first computer. I got one solid state drive (OCZ vertex plus) and a western digital ATA drive (WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0). I didn't bother with any jumper settings, since there seemed to be no means of even setting a jumper on the SSD.

During windows installation, both drives were detected, however at startup before Windows launch I would get a message saying 'no hard disk detected' and occasionally CHKDSK utility would initialize and scan my drives before launching windows.

I disregarded this as I was anxious to get going on my new machine. I assumed everything was fine since both hard drives were writable and detectable in windows.

Since then, I keep having to reformat and reinstall Windows 7 since seemingly random dll files keep vanishing off my hard drive. This has carried on through several clean formats/Windows installs. For instance this time around Windows picture viewer stopped working, and produces a message saying it can't find the corresponding dll. Or my taskbar locked itself, and is now unlockable. The worst of this is a windows service which enables me to use the software i need for work (FLEXnet licensing service) cannot start, as in the system cannot find it. Last time a similar thing happened with direct x (some dll that enables it to work vanished). As I said these issues persist from clean windows install to the other.

So I'm thinking either I have a nasty virus that basically has jumped on an external drive, and is transferring itself from one Windows install to the next, or there is a connection between the 'no hard disk detected' message, the fact that my system always wants to run CHKDSK (which has in the past restored some system files) and the fact that I neglected to configure my jumper settings. Maybe windows doesn't know how to write to the drives, since it doesn't know which is slave/master, and certain sectors end up being corrupt/redundant?

What do you guys think? If it is a jumper issue, what would be the proper way to configure jumpers with a solid state/ATA combination? Thanks in advance, this is driving me effin crazy!
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  1. Being both SATA drives there are no jumpers! The OS being on the SSD, having the win registry there, points to it being the problem part. Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed for your SSD and that you are running both in ACHI mode in BIOS.
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