Kubuntu and Windows Network?

i have a via 400mhz computer running kubuntu, two tower pcs running xp, and a laptop running vista. i have a netgear wireless router but no internet in my house. i use my fastest tower pc to connecto to the neighbors internet (he gave me the password) with a tp-link wireless usb adapter.
1) can i share the internet connection from the usb wifi to the netgear router?
2)can kubuntu and windows xp and vista coexist & can i usee the kubuntu as a "server" instead of my usb drive so i can transfer files in between the pc's?
3)do i need a wireless ethernet bridge to hook up instead of a modem to the netgear router where the modem should go?

any advice appreciated. TIA
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  1. You're better off with a wireless bridge.
  2. so where in my network wouldi put the wireless bridge? how do i make windows and kubutu see each other?
  3. You would connect the 2 tower PCs to the wireless bridge which would connect to your neighbors wireless Internet. Your laptop would connect wirelessly to neighbors Internet.
  4. u can hook more than 1 pc to a wireless bridge?
  5. heres the deal: I want to run folding @home on the kubuntu thingy. i want to also use that instead of my flashdrive, so i have already made it a network...
  6. help please
  7. Try to look into using your router as an access point. Have all the computers just plugged in normally to the router, and have the vista laptop connect to either (preferably the access point if it allows you to do so.)

    On the kubuntu machine, you may want to use xubuntu if you haven't set it up yet. Either way, look into samba. That's what you'll want to use to do sharing with windows. I don't really know what you mean by using that instead of your flash drive. If all you want that machine to do is have files on it, google FreeNAS, that should do that task, well, easier.
  8. Well thats an idea ... To get a different linux, but thats the same problem as my other post i think its in the win xp section here, about installing it... Now im tryingto install win2k and i way just buy more usb wifi sticks and extensioncables butok then...
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