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Im really confuse about my 4x2gb 1066mhz ddr2 ram team xtreem dark cl5. my motherboard is P43T-C51 and processor is q8400 i notice that my computer became slow especially on hdd to hdd transfer, by the way i have a fresh OS installed so no issue about virus or malware, i downloaded CPU-Z to check if there is something unusual on my system and i notice that the DRAM frequency is 399mhz is this right? expected is 1066mhz :( pls. see the images below

Cpu tab

caches tab

Memory Tab

Main board tab

SPD tab

Graphics Board tab

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  1. First, DDR {Double data rate} so it should be half of the "expected speed." What is the P/N or please provide a link.
  2. what do you mean by P/N? what link should i give to you? sorry im really a noob when it comes to this..
  3. Sorry, Part Number <or> link e.g.

    Something does seem odd so I want to double-check your RAM specifications.
  4. ok i am not familiar with part number but here is the link

    thanks a lot
  5. After looking at the manufacturers page closely, it says can run at 1066 or higher with overclocking. The product is not rated at that speed. The speed you are getting is the fastest the modules allow without overclocking. As always it pays to read very closely the information on items before we buy them. Also I did not look further to determine if overclocking will void your warranty. I hope this helps. CPUZ information is correct.
  6. I looked at both your MOBO {supported DDR2} and your DDR2 {speeds & supported MOBO} the only two conclusions in order are that: 1. your DDR is 800MHz or 2. noted that your MOBO was not on the supported list. Not being on the list and/or a combination of mislabeled DDR2 are somehow limiting your DDR2 as 800MHz.

    However, on the positive side the CAS of 5 is terrific and would compensate for the degradation of rated speed.

    Hope that explains things, and yes CPUz ignores BIOS and its reading "should" be correct. Verify that you indeed are running the latest version of CPUz.

    Good Luck!
  7. Hi, am looking at upgrading my memory as well and found it is possible when you up the voltage. Yours are set at 1.8V and should be running at 2.1V which would then allow the memory to run at its 1066 ratings.

    The steps to follow in the Bios settings for voltage and memory settings are:
    Auto Disable DRAM/PCI frequency to Enabled
    Set DRAM Voltage to 2.1 Volts
    Set VTT FSB Voltage to 1.35V
    Set Spread Spectrum to Disabled

    Set DRAM Timing mode to manual
    Set DRAM Timings to 5 (TCL) - 5 (TRCD) - 5 (TRP) - 18 (TRAS)

    Have this info from the nice people at OCZ to make the 1066 work with the mobo as it should.
  8. gm_jonjon. Your FSB : DRAM ratio is very good! = 1 : 1.

    Actually, this is the recommended setting for stability, but if you want it 1066 then the DRAM speed displayed should be 533.

    Perhaps in your BIOS the setting of FSB : DRAM Ratio is set to "Sync" meaning it's always 1:1. You must set it to different value. Maybe to Auto. That will release memory speed from 1:1 ratio with processor's bus speed.
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