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Hey Guys

I just wanted to knw some specification of my motherboard coz i m quit confused with them.
I have 945GCT-HM (Livermore) Motherboard. I wanted to knw that does my Motherboard has a 1.0 PCI x16 slot or 2.0 PCI x16 slot.
Guys m confused, I knw its a bad one but I still please... can you help
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  1. One PCI Express x16
    One PCI Express x1
    Two PCI

    Chipset Intel 945GC - version 1.0a

    ref {pg 26} -
  2. so your saying that my motherboard has a 1.0 PCI express slot...?
  3. ^ Yes, One PCI Express x16 = version 1.0a
  4. so clearly it will not support graphic cards with 2.0 or 2.1 buses.
  5. ^ No I didn't say that - YES you can run something like a GTX 460. :)
  6. what about ATI HD 5000 series
  7. Yes, a PCI Express x16 v1 ~ PCI Express x8 v2.
  8. but my card ask for PCI Express 2.1 bus with x16 slot
  9. ^ I know the AMD 580x chipset won't work, but everything I know says it will with a 10%-15% loss of performance.

    However, I hope you have a PSU with 500W-600W of power.
  10. well MY PSU I think have just 300W-400W of power
    How do we get to knw about how much power does our PSU supplies
  11. ^Failure more than likely, and almost guaranteed with a 300W.
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