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SOLVED No sound when playing movies from the dvd player

A friend gave me a Gateway laptop that no longer getting sound when he plays movies from his DVD player. It does does music from CD's as well as anything already on his hard drive. He told me it did play sound in the past. His computer's battery is bad and he often just turns the computer off without shutting it down and whemn he turns it back on it periodically runs a disk check. How can I get the sound back?

Thanks for any help

Tom B
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  1. sounds like it could be something as simple as a missing codec
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    You can confirm this with something like VLC. check if you have sound playing DVD's with it. What are you using to play anyway?
  3. nukemaster said try using vlc media player,there is zip version that doesn't require installation...or try going into the menu on the dvd and switch the audio to 2 channel....
  4. That was the problem. I downloaded VLC media player it works fine now so I just configured auto play to play his movies. Thanks!!
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