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don't know how to download
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  1. The HP support site will have a list of all the drivers available for that model. Just enter in the serial number of the unit and it will take you to them.
  2. Please satisfy my curiosity. How did you find Tom's, and why did you specify that you wanted the drivers "for free?" Nothing at all against you, but there are an awful lot of such queries on the forum and, since almost no-one charges for drivers, I'm wondering if there's some piece of information out there suggesting to people that they ask us where to find free drivers. Or did you just see all the previous posts with the same request? Thanks.
  3. I've noticed the same thing, and wondered the same thing. My personal guess is that these are some kind of refurb unit that came with a blank HDD. It doesn't really answer all of the questions that come up about this "phenomenon", but it's a probable step along the way.
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