ASUS P5W DH DELUXE with Zotac GTX 260 AMP!2


I have been using a P5W DH DELUXE with ASUS HD2900XT and decided to replace the GPU with a GTX 260 AMP!2. I am aware that my mobo is way too old but as far as I know, it is compatible with PCI-E 2.0 gpu's.

I have removed my old gpu, WITHOUT removing the catalyst drivers, and inserted the new one to the PCIEX16_1 port in my mobo (the port where the old one had been inserted)

When I powered up the pc, the windows booted. I have increased the resolution and stuff. Windows said it found a new hardware and installing the drivers. It asked if i wanted to restart and I clicked ok.

The next thing I saw was a distorted splash screen (the screen where you see your mobo's brand and model and such) which had unusual dots all over it, then the screen where it shows my raid drivers were also distorted. For example, the green "Member Disk" text was not readable and there were green pixels everywhere on the screen.

Windows started and the screen was again, distorted. There were stripes at certain regions of the screen, colors were also weird and no part of the screen seemed ok. I am using the GPU via DVI connection and the problem remained with both DVI ports on the card. The resolution was dropped to 800x600 with no possibility of increasing it. The device manager said the card had a code 43 error: "windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems"

I put back in my old GPU. Everything seemed ok. I removed the catalyst with catalyst cleaning software. I did not install anything and, again, inserted the nvidia. Before it started the windows, the splash screen and everything else were distorted again. Nevertheless, I installed the nvidia drivers that came with the cd. And installed the latest drivers from the Nvidia site when that didn't work. Still no luck. Everything works fine with my old HD2900XT, though.

I am using a Tagan 600W silverpower and it says it has 18A+18A on its two 12V rails. I have two SATAII (or SATA, don't remember well) drivers working in RAID0 and 4GB DDR2 (don't remember its clocks and timings). My OS is Vista 64 and the CPU is E6600.

I don't think this problem is a driver issue since I get the distorted screen even before Windows starts. What are the chances that the device is faulty? Or what are the other possibilites? Thanks a lot...
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  1. this is a driver issue. when the drivers aren't installed, the bios uses a default driver, which is why it worked at first. make sure the driver you installed is for your os and make sure you have the correct service pack. my geforce 5200 did a similar thing on my xp computer because i only had service pack 1, not 2. the colors were also terrible because it was set to 4-bit color (instead of 32-bit.)
  2. RMA'd the card and got another GTX260 AMP!2. Problem solved. For anyone who has concerns like me, the card works fine with P5W DH DELUXE (BIOS 3001)

    I tried the new card with a monitor at my office. The monitor was kind of old. The screen didn't respond to the card at all. When I tried with a newer monitor it worked without a problem (no idea why...)

    Thanks anyway.
  3. What kind of performance are you getting out of this setup, moist?

    I also have a P5W and am considering a GTS 250 or GTX 260... Currently running the same card you just ditched, coincidentally.

    Also, what kind of RAM are you using?

    I'm running an E6850 with 4 gigs of DDR2 800. I'm hesitant to upgrade my card for fear of wasting potential. I see no reason to ditch this P5W yet, I want to get at least another year out of it.
  4. i think you should be fine with either cards. but GTX260 is getting hard to get as of lately and the price are going up because of the demand
  5. renz496 said:
    i think you should be fine with either cards. but GTX260 is getting hard to get as of lately and the price are going up because of the demand

    I just noticed. Which is a little perplexing given the lack of DX11 support on this card... Why is it SO popular?

    Maybe I'll just get a cheap 9800 GT and stfu until I upgrade my mobo next year. Now that I've done some more reading it looks like its not a good time to buy nVidia, and I'm done tolerating ATI's shoddy drivers.
  6. even it does not have dx11 feature GTX260 is still quite good gaming card. nvidia will release their DX11 cards somewhere around March. so if you want nvidia card it is better to wait because if you aim for mid-range (like GTX260) and high end cards for the 200 series the price is not really not worth it right now. if you really need the card right now maybe you can get something like 9800GT as a place holder
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