Windows Cannot Configure to Hardware in Your Computer

Hello Community! I have a problem. Im just installing Windows 7 on the following system, and i am getting the above error. (All brand new items).

i5 2500k
8gb ddr1600 Corsair
Asus P8P67 B3 rev 3.1
LG DVD Burner on SATA 3g
Mouse/Keyboard on USB
Club3D gtx550ti
Ultron Card Reader
2x 2TB Caviar Green on Raid0 with 2 partitions set up in the intel boot software one just under 2tb and the other at 1.7TB
HDDs in Bios set to RAID

Anyone got a clue? installs fine, in the end when its doing the config it gives me the error. Is it any of the hardware or is it getting confused with the raid?

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Oh, i forgot, the HDDs are on SATA 6G and its Windows7 home premium x64
  2. If you have an older PC like 2010 or earlier and you just try to upgrade your hard drive then you might have a problem like I did. Most of the newer hard drives have "AF" stamped on the outside of the hard drive. AF stands for advanced format, and that is not compatible with some of the older PCs. You need to get a different hard drive. You need to get a 512 bite sector hard drive. This was the case when I tried to upgrade my HP computer model name is HPE-240f
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