Need help setting up a 1TB HDD with a 120gb SSD on Z68 board

Ok this might sound kind of dumb but I am totally new to Intel. I just got a new 2600k and a Z68 board. I have a 1TB Seagate Barracudda 7200 rpm HDD along with an OCZ Vertex SATA3 120GB SSD. However I am unsure on how to set both of these drives up. Or what I should put on each. From what I understand the Z68 boards have saome type of technology that when an HDD is combined with an SSD it speeds up the HDD. But that also takes dedicated Memory from your SSD so the whole thing is confusing to me.

Do I put my OS on my SSD while keeping my Steam games on my HDD?? Or do I use Intel "SMART RESPONSE" technology and put everything on my HDD?? I'm looking for the best all around performance hear. I am curios to see what others with similiar setups have to offer.

THANX :bounce:
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  1. For best performance you leave your SSD for OS and your favorite applications then use the 1TB for storage. Here are some useful guides
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