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Mom's desktop won't boot, not even in safe mode (any of them) or to last good configuration. It freezes in the same spot each time. No updates, hardware or software have been done recently. I haven't tried anything yet because I don't even know where to start. I put it in the drivers category because that is what it is at in the startup when it freezes. Any suggestions?
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  1. Open the computer reseat all connections, video card and memory too. Probably a hard drive failure but tell us about an beeps and computer model. Raid?
  2. I tried reconnecting everything inside and out to check to make sure everything was in good. Nothing so far has worked. When I tried to start it, it makes it to the Windows screen and then goes blank, not a blue screen, just blank black screen. I don't know if there is any sounds/beeps that it's making because there aren't any speakers hooked up. Grrr... This is frustrating!
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