Sound/Motherboard Issues

Hi all,

Had an annoying sound quality during intense 3d rendering and wondered if someone had a solution to my problem.

Here are my specs:

Xfx 750i sli motherboard

Ultra 500 Watt power supply

with a E5400 Dual Core 2.7 gh processor (system temp=22-28)

I have 2 sli xfx 9800gt Gpu

Because of this my system runs 6.00GB of ram and (2.00 Usable)

Here is the problem; I changed some of the settings in the Nvidia Control panel-i changed an option that said cut out background and interference noise. Whenever i run call of duty 4/ or napoleon total war, The sound is bad in some of the most intense part. Its kind of a noisy, scratchy, dragging sound and it annoys the crap out of me.

Ive updated the Sound Driver, changed speakers, and this even happens in my headphones while i play-

I dont know if it is a power issue, whether i need to buy a sound card-cause i only have to dinky logitec desktop speakers.

But i would appreciate any advice about my crappy sound quality.

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  1. in control panel i used the nvidia setting for noise reduction and turned it to 50% and 100% same thing
  2. Bump
  3. think i would need a sound card, but i think the onboard sound should be fine....
  4. Thanks for guys, i found out i need to buy a new power supply not a sound card
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