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Hi all,
No sure if this is the right place for this post.

I have go a system with a pentium 4 2.93 ghz and 1gb ddr400 ram. i am looking to upgrade the graphics to a pci not pci-e as this is the only slots it has. i was looking to put in a geforce 6200 or geforce 8400gs, but then came across something else.

I can get hold of another system. am2 motherboard with amd 64 x2 4000+ 2.1ghz dual and 1gb ddr2 667 mhz with a via k8m890 chipset. the board also has a pci-e x16 slot for further upgrade.

The question is tho what would be better for gaming ( i know both of these system are super low grade ) but it is for a teen and wants a computer to play some older games on.

So i just need your opinions on what is better out the two of these as they stand and not further upgrades.

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  1. i suggest u to go for ddr2 system.. cz its hard to find ddr nowadays ..
  2. the memory slots are already occupied so it wont be having any more memory installed. The ddr system is already build and running, justs needs a gpu fitted.

    but i am still unsure which system would perform better as they are stated above.
  3. amd sure will.... at least it having a dual core.. :P
    my laptop is also having same like config ur p4, and ur amd is hving same like config my desktop.. and my desktop is far better than laptop.. lol..
  4. Thanks chemcg,
    I know that the amd cpu out does the pentium but what is your opinions on the gpu's

    Geforce 6200 or 8400gs standard pci running with ddr and pentium 4 or via k8m890 onboard chipset with amd 4000+ dual and ddr2.

    He will be getting the systems as they are but with the pentium system, it will have a new gpu installed as above.

    So, which would perform better at gaming.
  5. I know you said amd sure will but what about the onboard gpu, will this perform better than a independant pci card
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