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I am receiving emails from EA thanking me for my submission of violations.


This is about the 4 or 5 times this has occurred.

I don't know how or who to contact concerning this.

Could lead to problems
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  1. Check with this site
  2. tried response
  3. KarateDad said:
    tried response

    That's their support site, no-one here or anywhere else aside from EA will have an answer for you. Wait a bit more and try again.
  4. KarateDad said:
    tried response

    sucks to be you :??:
  5. just kidding, chill out, you will figure it out, this is probably not the forum
  6. your learning... use the force... :sol:
    sorry for being a smart ass, try hijackthis and that might help give you a low down
  7. Dear KarateDad,

    You may be recieving the messages because of someone else who has used your account. In using your account they may have placed complaints in your absence. Xbox live, for instance, gives the customers and users the options of filing various types of complaints. All of which are a form of violations. Violations such as harrassment, tampering and verbal communication related problems and the list goes on.

    You may do well to find out if anyone within your home has used your account to file such a report. it is rather simple to file, as well. One needs only to select the gamer tag (the online name of the suspect) and to select the words "file complaint". Once selected, one can choose from multiple complaint options (violations).

    Staff Sergeant
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