Hyper 212 + Push Pull

Will adding another fan to my Hyper 212 + make a lot of temperature differences? Right now I'm using the stock fan as push. I also have a 120mm front (top slot) intake, 120 rear exhaust, and 140mm top exhaust if that matters. I'm using the Fractal Design Core 3000.
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    1c to 3c cooler some get 5c cooler though it's rare
  2. 1-2C.

    Not really worth it.
  3. Not worth putting money into an already low end cpu cooler
  4. Okay thanks guys.
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  6. No problem.Your very welcome! :)
  7. I am not seeing much difference with 2 fans on mines. May even be 1-2C hotter. My fans are mismatched though.
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