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Greetings. I just got a Gigabyte GA-H55-USB3 mobo that I'm planning to use for a system upgrade along with an i7-860. When I saw the pictures of the board I saw video connectors so I thought it had onboard video.

But inside the box is a sheet labeled Waring! and says "Onboard video is not available unless paired with an Intel Core i5/Corei3 processor with Intel graphics technology. Intel graphics technology is supported by Intel Core i5 6xx, Core i3 5xx and Pentium G69XX series processors."

Then I had a look at the specs on the Gigabyte site and there is a note that says: "You can use only one of the onboard digital graphics ports (e.g. DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D) for output when in the BIOS Setup program or when during the POST screens."

Does anyone have this board or know anything about it? Does an i7-860 have "Intel graphics technology?" If it does am I reading the specs note correctly that I can only use the onboard graphics to look at the bios?!? In other words, do I need to go get myself a video card too?


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  1. The on-board graphics is not supported with Lynnfield i7 8xx.

    BIOS graphic support is from the MOBO w/o the need of the supported CPU with graphics ~ i3, i5 6xx CPUs.

    Yes, you'll need to purchase a separate GPU.
  2. That is correct there are no graphics controller on the Core i7 8 series chip. Here you are a bit stuck. The other thing about the 3 output of displays is just saying you can only display through one of the singular ports not all of them, similar to a dedicated graohics card like dual display. Onboard does not support that kind of interface.

    Kindest Regards Rob."
  3. I want to use this mobo with i5 760 (no int graphics) with console linux, can it use bios graphics? i need it for special project, where space is limited and i cant fit low profile graphics there. or can someone suggest some ultra low profile graphics gard?
  4. Im sure you will be able to find something from Saphires range, how low is ultra low is it the same size as standered low form factor or is it a specialized base bracket you looking for, sorry for replying so late was out for a bit. Let me know.
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