Foxconn 865GV7MF-SH on board Sata not being detected


This is probably something really stupid, but...

I have an 865gv7mf-sh, being booted by an IDE HDD, works perfectly.

As storage I have 3 Sta hdds connected via a pci expansion card, all working perfectly.

I also have 2 x 1gb Sata hdds, connected to the on chip Sata connections, but I cannot get the pc to detect them. I have played with the OnChip IDE settings in the BIOS, but no luck there.

Does this motherboard need drivers for the on board SATA, and if so, which ones? Or am I missing something in the BIOS.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. It could be a lot of things to be honest. Upgrade all the drivers from the Foxconn website, and try changing out the sata cable is that doesn't work.

    If neither of those work, it could be something wrong with either the drive or the sata port/controller which would necessitate a new board to fix the problem.
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