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Hey all!

Ok i do computer engineering etc and all but, that doesn't cover hardware....

I've done computer Architecture etc, but It's weird nothing has ever covered graphics cards I know a lot about Clock Speeds and other such things to look at, however can someone explain the mystery which is pixel pipelines? I'm looking to get a new graphics card and the more pipelines the better, but how can you tell how many pipelines it has? A lot sites don't specify? I mean is there some kind of calculation to work it out?

Any advice or explanation?
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  1. OMG! Thank u sooo much! I was wondering why i couldn't find any information on this :D u rock my sox :D
  2. Some Basic Info


    Basically it refers to a series of fixed function steps to render a pixel. Above the pipeline use to be the TMU (texture mapping unit). Multiple TMUs per pipeline were useful for multitexturing, but not single texturing. As GPUs evolved, the once rigid pixel pipeline became loosely defined. Modern GPUs don't have what you would call a pixel pipeline anymore.
  3. ^yeah, I've been into GPUs for a while :D
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