How to get search to work

I am trying to fix a problem and am instructed to click on Search after the Start but Search does nor work. Is there a way of recoveriin it?
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  1. Download the Windows Search application

    3rd party Search Utilities

    I have tried several search utilities and all of them are better than the search utility included in Windows XP.

    Some of the best search utilities I've used in order of preference:
    Copernic desktop search
    Super Finder
    File Seeker
    Index Your Files
    Instant File Name Search
  2. more info... what are you searching for?
  3. Quote:
    What search do you use?

    That's a big question, the above list is good but if you want regular windows search, start your indexing service in "services and applications" (x-1 works but its a huge program, also text finder is ok if your looking for really specific text) :p
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