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I've seen a few websites where people show RAM clashing with aftermarker CPU coolers. Is there a way to check the RAM/Cooler/MoBo combination to ensure this will not be an issue or is it going to be trial and error?

I'm in the process of building a new system with my son. We are planning to go with an ASRock Z77 Extreme 6, i5 3570K and GSkill Ripjaws X initially and look into overclocking down the track. I'm thinking a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo might be the way to go for cooling. Does anyone know if this combination will work? I've also seen some articles that suggest mounting the cooler facing up rather than to the rear if the case has top fans. Looking at the layout of the MoBo it looks like the cooler fan and possible heat pipes will come close to the RAM in this orientation - has anyone got the cooler in this orientation?


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    It should be fine. Even if there isn't the clearance, the hyper 212 plus should not be so wide that it's going to overhang your ram slots on that board if installed right.
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