Upgrading Video Card with Intel Core Duo 2,33Ghz

I have an Intel Core Duo E6550 on a Asus PK5 with 4Ghz of ddr2 RAM. I'd like to upgrade my nVidia 7600GS 512Ghz Memory for better performance. Is it worth it? And with which graphic card (budget around 100€)? I was thinking about GAINWARD - GeForce GT 240 512 Mb ddr3 (70€)
Thanks for the answers and sorry for my bad english :)

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  1. Hey KalashNK,

    If you were to get a GT 240 the GDDR5 version is much better.

    What country are you in? Can you suggest an online retailer that you will be using? I'll look there since I'm not familiar with prices outside the U.S.

    You should be able to get better than a GT 240 for 100€. Similar in price should be a 4670 (a little slower but cheaper) and slightly faster would be a 9800GT or ATI 5670.

    Also please post your monitor resolution and the power supply in your computer--these are most important for a video card.
  2. Welcome to Forums
    There is nothing wrong about your English

    If you can stretch your budget, adding 20-30€, that will be awesome

    I am talking about Radeon 5750 HD.
    GT-240 isn't worth the money you pay for it.

    Instead get a 5750
    It will give you DirectX11, Shader Model 5.0
    And most importantly
    It's a new card
    Which means
    It'll be good for a couple of years or so.

    If you don't have the money yet, wait some time.
    Arrange it, and then buy 5750 HD.
    Will give you
    'good' performance upto 1920x1200
    'great' performance upto 1680x1080

    GooD LucK
  3. 5670 for £73 is much better than the GT 240.

    5750 can be in your budget too at £96.72
  4. I'm from italy, maybe i'll buy the card on http://www.eprice.it/.
    My monitor is a SyncMaster 2494HS 1920*1080 native, the power supply is an old 400W
    Ati 5750 is very intesting, thanks for the advice. However my doubt is if it will improve appreciably the performances with such a slow cpu...
    Thanks for all the answers :)

  5. Your CPU is just fine

    5750 will give you a significant performance boost from the old 7600

    Its hard to give you any recommendation fromm that link

    I dont know ITALIANO
    Any way
    I'm trying
  6. I am so sorry bro, but i can't get my google translator working.
    Just pick any of the 5750
    Either it is XFX or Sapphire or HIS
    All are good
    Also try to find the cheapest one

    GooD Luck
  7. Ahah don't worry, Italian is an hard language.
    The card with 1Ghz of memory instead of 512 is worth the expense?
  8. Depending on what power supply you have i'm not certain you will be able to run a 5750. It might have to be upgraded... A high quality unit could run the 5750--a older generic may not be able to. You would have to post us its amperage on the 12v rail.

    The 5670 is a little slower, but has much lower power use--I think it would probably be a good option for you.

    With a new card your processor may slow you down a little--but the graphic card will still give you a major performance boost from what you have.

    HOWEVER-- if you did want a new power supply you could get this high quality Corsair for 59€. http://www.eprice.it/Alimentatori-CORSAIR/s-1991805 It would run any of the graphic cards in this price range just fine.

    An added benefit of this is that with a stable power supply you could overclock your processor-- making it run faster. (but hotter) I didnt look up your chipset--but it is also possible that you could get a newer core 2 processor to replace the one you have.
  9. Power Supply is an
    ENCER ATX 400W
    115/220v 6A/3A 60/50Hz
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