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Will intel solid state work with my mobo

I have an older MSI K8N Neo4-F MOBO and was curious if the Intel x25-V would work in it. My Mobo specs can be seen here or full manual here Is confirming that it supports SATA II all that I need to verify? It looks like if I have the "ultra" version it is SATA II or possibly purple connectors. Is there any other way to confirm this?
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  1. Best way is to clone your old drive. I use maxblast 5.0, a free download that works with maxtor or seagate drives. Other brands have similar software. Cloning your old drive loads any sata drivers with the other programs.
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    1) Your motherboard doesn't have AHCI support for the SATA controllers so you won't be able to utilize TRIM with your SSD (couldn't find the option in the manual). You will need to use the Intel Software to act as your TRIM support on Windows 7 or Vista.

    2) I would recommend doing a fresh install when making the jump to a SSD versus cloning. In the end, you will be much better off system stability wise.
  3. I did confirm my board only has orange connectors which looks like from the manual it is SATA but not SATA II. Is that the nail in the coffin that this HD would not work?

    I still only have XP on this machine and wouldn't bother trying to clone the OS.

    Thanks for catching the AHCI support (or lack of it).
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