Alienware-51 -ALX VS HP 180-T

Just picked up an HP- 180-T Desktop there Flagship PC , got it with RAID-0 SATA , Intel- 3.33GHZ 6-core processor and 12-GB of 1066 MHZ RAM.
Anyhow was wondering if I should exchange it for the new Alienware-51 ALX , that has all the goods Liquid cooling , 12-GB of DDR-3 1333-MHZ RAM , And , Two 256-SSD in RAID-0.
I have the same processor in the HP And I was looking up-grading the Hard Drives to Two Fast SSD's in RAID-0 format.
Just wondering if this will fill the performance void some, As the Area-51 comes with the faster 1333-MHZ and Liquid Cooling and is slighlty over clocked for a Total price of $4950.00 Shipped with the killer Build 12-GB of DDR-3--- the Two -256 SSD in RAID-0. Anyhow I do not game at All, So this is not my concern I just enjoy pure Speed, Real Fast Boot up , opening and closing of programs with the blink of an Eye, I am just Wondering if I just upgrade to Two Fast RAID-0 SSD Drives that the HP will perform near equal to the DEll AREA-51, Or am I way off and the whole liquid cooling thing and faster 1333-MHZ RAM will All still blow my HP away even after I install some FAST SSD , Hopfully Faster SSD then Dell put in there AREA-51. After All the processors are the same exact only difference is the 1333-MHZ RAM , and slight overclock < I can Save about 1700 TO 1800 dollars by just doing the SSD RAID -0 on my HP Can ANyone provide me some insight Should I return the HP while its still under the 90 day return policy with Costco. But if its not Really a fully notable performance difference then I do not wish to waste the Money, If Id only note the difference in Gaming then this does not matter to me as I do not Game, I did purchase trhe HP-180-T Desktop with there Top of the Line Video card offered an ATI-4850 Video Card , And again it has 12-GB of DDR-3 ( 1066- MHZ ) RAM.
Because if I am going to make the switch I need to do it fast while Dell is still offering 12-Months Free No interest. Please PC Dudes please let me know your oppions is it worth the extra 1700.00 for the AREA 51- ALX
Will I note the performance difference in the Seat of my Pants, ( Keeping in mind I will have RAID-0 TWO SSD installed in the HP for a total cost of about $3200.00 for this up-graded HP Build which will wave my 2- year Warranty Oh Well. OR Would it be a Total Waste of Money and just Keep this HP And Pump it up with the TWO Fast SSD 's in RAID-0
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  1. I don't think that an additional 2 grand spent on that computer is worth it. Two hard drives in raid is pretty fast and although two SSDs in raid will be faster, I don't think it is worth it. Wait for SSDs to mature more as a technology.
  2. I have both the Area 51 from Alienware/Dell and the HP 180t.
    It is like night and day. The HP snaps from sleep to hard work in microseconds, the Dell lags and snorts its way to life. The Dell has been in the shop with $$ repairs more than on my desk and I have to do 3 complete restores to keep it alive. Read the net after your google area 51 problems, and you'll be joined by many, many folks who regret their decisions as I do
    Stick with HP
    You'll be a happy camper
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