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Hello All,

I am trying to repair an old pc (hp) that the motherboard went bad on.

I was wanting to make sure that the following motherboard would be compatible with this cpu chip.

The chip is a Pentium 4 (519) at 3060 mhz

The board i am considering putting it in is the following

while I am in there am gonna drop in the following ram as well

can some folks please confirm for me that these items will work together. If they dont can you please give some recommendations (this has a budget of no more than 80$ for these as i am just trying to breathe life into this system for a bit longer)
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    Here is the CPU support list cant find the P4 519 on it but 516 is.
    Ram should work.
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  3. Outstanding... thanks for finding this for me, After closer inspection the chip number is 524 which is on this list... my mistake about saying its 519.

    Thanks much
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