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So I have slowly been buying the parts to put together a new desktop. I have left is the cpu and motherboard (ordering in a matter of days!). Anywho, I've been looking at slightly different motherboards, and I really like this one triple channel:
But now I realize that I bought a dual channel RAM kit:

My first question is, can I use this kit on this board? I know I won't be taking advantage of all three channels, but I'm not sure if I'll need them...yet. Which leads to my next question:
Can I just add this to the third channel:

According to the details in Newegg, they are identical. Let me know what you think!
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    You can use the pair you have and add the single you linked to that board. You should have no problems, maybe even OC it if you want to try. I suggest you run memtest86+ on first boot after assembly to make sure the RAM is OK. Download the bootable .iso file about 1/2-way down the page, burn it onto a USB stick and boot to it from POST.
  2. You already have 8GB worth of memory.. Are you sure you require to add 4GB more to it.! Triple channel has no noticeable effect on real life performance scores..
  3. Well I'm not really seeing this as a requirement currently, but I figured a little future-proofing wouldn't hurt.

    Oh and thanks for the advice everyone!
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  5. You're welcome.
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