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When I start up my computer now I get an "error occurred" message on one of my drives. The drives are 2 WD 1TB drives set in a raid 0 configuration and even though I get the message the system boots fine, nothing seems to be missing, and no storage space has changed. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this and why nothing seems to be affected? I want to address the problem before something actually is affected though.

I am running win 7 pro, 2 WD Caviar Black 1TB 32mb cache drives in a raid 0, I7 920, with an asus MB.

The system is a couple of years old but the drives were just bought and installed 2 months ago. Everything ran fine and there were no compatibility issues or errors. The system has not been overclocked or anything since the new drives and the system had a fresh install with the new OS. Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated as I am lost. I have no idea why this just started happening :(

Thank you in advance!
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  1. WD doesn't recommend their drives other than the RE edition drives to be used in a raid setup. You used to be able to use a utility to turn on TLER in WD drives, but they did away with this. Anyhow, this could be a TLER situation.


  2. After looking it up I would agree that seems to be the problem, however, the WD sight says the caviar black (I have the 1001fals) is recommended and tested for consumer raid use in raid 1 or raid 0 only, but not recommended for business or enterprise raid use. If the TLER is an issue would that not make the drive fall out of the raid configuration?
  3. I was thinking that perhaps it dropped out or errored long enough to throw a warning, then given enough time, recovered on it's own.

    I have the WD black 1001fals, though not in raid, and it's been very very dependable so far. Anyhow, I was just throwing it out there as a possibility.

    You can also check to see if this shows up in the event log.
  4. If the error is persistent, you need to find a program that will check raid integrity. If you have an intel chipset you should download the intel rapid storage utility and have it run a check on the raid. I don't know what other utilities there are for this.
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